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Some foods look like the organs that they benefit

AIESHA BANKS • Jun 12, 2020 at 7:00 PM

We all know that eating healthy foods helps you achieve a strong body, right? There’s no question that maintaining a nutritious diet can help keep your body healthy.

When it comes to which foods can specifically benefit which body parts, science remains surprisingly sketchy. But nature gives us a big clue as to what foods help what part of our body. They look alike!

Sweet potatoes — pancreas

The gland organ called the pancreas helps break down the food from your stomach and produces the hormone called insulin to help regulate your body’s glucose and sugar levels. Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamins A and C, and they also help diabetics with the balance of their glycemic index, which is directly connected to the functioning of the pancreas. The pancreas isn’t the only body part that benefits from sweet potatoes, but it definitely is a major one.

Carrots — eyes

There is something in carrots called beta carotene that our bodies turn into vitamin A. It assists with helping our eyes stay strong as we age, and it can help prevent vision loss in senior citizens.

Avocado — uterus

The avocado is what we call a superfood, and it is also really popular. Avocados are a great source of folic acid. Folate is known to assist in reducing the chances of getting cervical dysplasia, which is a precancerous disease that can be contracted in the uterus.

Walnuts — brain

Walnuts are jam-packed with our favorite omega-3 fatty acids. While a walnut looks like a brain, it actually helps improve your brain function with these healthy fats.

Celery — bones

Celery does have a lot to offer your body! Have you ever noticed that celery looks a lot like your bones? Celery contains 23% sodium, just like your bones! Celery is a great source of silicon, which helps with the structure of your bones to keep them strong and healthy.

Grapes — lungs

If you struggle with allergy-triggered asthma, grapes and their seeds are your new best friend! The seeds contain a chemical called proanthocyanidin, which helps reduce your asthma. Grapes also happen to look like the alveoli in your lungs!

Onions — body cells

Onions look a lot like the cells in your body, and for good reason. Onions can clear any waste-related materials from your cells. And those tears that drive you insane? They are actually cleaning out your eyes! Consider onions a natural cleaning product for your body.

These are just a few foods that look like your organs. For more fun facts and pictures of the foods, visit www.healthykingsport.org.


Healthy Kingsport is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a community that actively embraces healthy living by promoting wellness, enhancing infrastructure and influencing policy.

Aiesha Banks is the executive director of Healthy Kingsport. She can be reached at abanks@healthykingsport.org.

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