Holston Valley procedure shown in Germany

Hank Hayes • Jan 30, 2020 at 9:30 AM

KINGSPORT — On the operating table Wednesday morning at Holston Valley Medical Center (HVMC) was a 73-year-old man getting his leg worked on, but this was no normal operation.

The procedure was being transmitted live via satellite to an auditorium in Leipzig, Germany, where thousands of vascular medical professionals were watching and learning.

HVMC was selected as one of only two medical facilities in the United States — along with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York — as a demonstration site for the Leipzig Interventional Course 2020 conference.

Dr. Chris Metzger, director of Holston Valley’s diagnostic catheterization and interventional labs, performed multiple procedures for the event.

Dr. Herbert Ladley, a cardiologist and chief medical officer of Ballad Health’s Northwest Market, was the event moderator.

“This one is significant for a couple reasons,” Ladley noted. “One, it’s the largest international meeting about the management of peripheral vascular disease outside the heart, where we are looking at the peripheral arteries — legs and arms — outside the heart.”

What do you think the audience will get out of it?

“They get some real-time problem solving,” Ladley pointed out. “These are not edited. It’s happening live so they get to see real-time dealing with these complex vascular interventions. This guy has had his leg worked on three times over the last 15 years. Each time, there’s new technology.

“It didn’t start out as a stent procedure, but it’s about to become one. This is a big deal with 5,000 people being on the other side of the world.”