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His precious truths will help us in days of trouble

Hobbie McCreary • May 12, 2020 at 11:00 AM

Editor’s Note: With so many churches in our area having to suspend worship services during the coronavirus pandemic, we are asking local pastors to partner with us in bringing a daily message of hope and comfort to readers during this difficult time.

Though individuals experience days of trouble, the coronavirus has caused increased fear and worry. With this pandemic in our world, no one knows what the future holds, but Christians know Who holds the future.

Times of crisis cause people to draw closer to God, read His Word, and spend more time in prayer, which is the bridge between panic and peace. Though schools, businesses and workplaces are closed, Bibles can still be opened and the prayer line to God never closes.

As a physician, Gospel author Luke wrote much about fear and worry for he understood their devastating effect on the human body, mind and soul. When a person is overwrought with anxiety, it can paralyze them, create massive cardiac issues, and cause mental and emotional sickness.

Though prone to worry, people often worry about things they have absolutely no control over, so in Luke 12:32 Jesus addressed this by saying, “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

After commanding us to “fear not” He says we are in His Flock. Psalm 23:1 says; “the Lord is MY shepherd” and Jesus said in John 10, “I am the good shepherd;” “I know my sheep and my sheep know me;” and “my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me; and I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”

Second, He said we are in His family for the words “YOUR Father” state a precious and personal truth saying we are more than His sheep, we are also His sons! In the Old Testament, they called upon God by many names, but in the Disciple’s Prayer in Luke 11, Jesus said we address God as “our father” which is the Aramaic word “abba,” which translates to the English word "daddy.” Being in God’s family means you are loved and can “come boldly unto the throne of grace and find help in time of need.”

Lastly, with the words “give you the kingdom” Jesus said we are in His Favor and have a future inheritance. We have life abundantly now through salvation with earthly blessings, and also have eternal life and all the blessings of a home in Heaven.

Some good advice says; “Ain't no sense worrying about things you got control over, ‘cause if you got control over them, ain't no sense worrying. And there ain't no sense worrying about things you got no control over, 'cause if you got no control over them, ain't no sense worrying about them.”

Christians don’t have to worry because we are in His Flock, Family and Favor and these precious truths will help us in days of trouble!

Hobbie McCreary is pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Johnson City.

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