Tennessee Report Card gives Kingsport schools a 5, Sullivan a 4

Rick Wagner • Nov 26, 2019 at 1:30 PM

KINGSPORT — No surprises came for Sullivan County and Kingsport schools in Monday’s release of the Report Card by the Tennessee Department of Education.

In a nutshell, the information for the 2018-19 school year showed Kingsport City Schools got Level 5s individually and overall, on a scale of 1-5 on student academic growth. Sullivan County Schools got a 4 overall, a 5 in English language arts, a 1 in math and a 4 in social studies. Science data was not available for the year locally or statewide.

To look up Report Card data for any school system in the state, as well as individual schools or statewide numbers, go online to https://reportcard.tnk12.gov/.

Sullivan County Director of Schools David Cox said that student growth was good, obviously except in math — as previously discussed by school officials, and that the system “has work to do to get the scores where they need to be.” Eureka Math is being adopted at the elementary level to help with math performance. 

Kingsport fared better in the scores across the board. Schools originally were supposed to have letter grades assigned, a plan that has been delayed another year.

In a proactive measure looking toward that eventuality, Kingsport City Schools has released its own “Data Dashboard” that Superintendent Jeff Moorhouse explained includes information from the Report Card as well as other things, and it will be part of the annual report and school calendar sent out to parents. Moorhouse is encouraging other Northeast Tennessee school systems to craft their own dashboards to tell their stories, too.

Here’s a quick rundown of the state data from Monday on the two systems:

— For academic achievement at or higher than grade level, Kingsport was at 47.8, or up 3.9 percent; Sullivan was at 32.7 percent, or up 2.8 percent.

In math, Kingsport was at 47.8 percent, or up 3.9 percent, compared to 31.3 percent, or up 2.6 percent, for Sullivan, while in English language arts Kingsport was at 42.9 precent, or up 3 percent, compared to 33.5 percent and up 3 percent for Sullivan.

In social studies, Kingsport was at 53 percent, or up 4.2 percent, and Sullivan was at 37 percent, or up 4.6 percent.

— In student growth, Kingsport was a Level 5 overall as well as in English, math and social studies, while Sullivan was a 4 overall and a 5 in English, a 1 in math and a 4 in social studies. Science data was not available.

— As for chronically absent, Kingsport was 14.1 percent, down 1.7 percent, and Sullivan 14 percent, down 2 percent. In-school suspensions in Kingsport were 6.8 percent, or down 2.2 percent, with Sullivan 9 percent and down 0.8 percent. Out-of-school suspensions were 6 percent, or up 3 percent in Kingsport, and 4.4 percent, up 0.8 percent, in Sullivan. Expulsions were 0 percent in Kingsport and 4 percent, or up 1 percent, in Sullivan.

— In English proficiency progress, Kingsport was at 34.9 percent and Sullivan at 70 percent. 

— The Ready Graduate measure was 57.3 percent, or up 11.2 percent, in Kingsport and 43.3 percent, or up 8.7 percent, in Sullivan. Specifically, the ACT test composite was 22, or down 0.4 percent, in Kingsport and 20.3, or up 0.5 percent in Sullivan. Career technical education data is coming soon.

— And the graduation rates were 95.9 percent, or up 1.1 percent for Kingsport, and 95.4 percent, or 0.6 percent up, for Sullivan. The dropout rate was 2.4 percent for Kingsport, or down 1 percent, and 3.1 percent for Sullivan, or up 0.4 percent. Of graduates, 68.1 percent from Kingsport went on to post-secondary study, down 1.2 percent, while 65.6 percent of Sullivan students, up 0.6 percent, went on to post-secondary opportunities.