Author’s Corner: Keith Donnelly releases new Donald Youngblood story

Holly Viers • Dec 23, 2019 at 11:45 AM

Fans of Keith Donnelly’s Donald Youngblood mysteries will be pleased to learn that a new installment has been released and can be purchased just in time for Christmas.

Donnelly, a Kingsport resident, has penned seven full-length Donald Youngblood mystery novels, but his eighth and newest one, called “Moving Target,” is a bit different. Though it will still focus on Youngblood, this book is a shorter read and will serve as the first in Donnelly’s spinoff Youngblood Story series.

“The fans are going to want to read it, because all the usual suspects are there; I call them the inner circle,” Donnelly said. “It’d probably be a good way to introduce people to me as an author, because it’s shorter. It’s very plot-driven, (with) fast-paced, short chapters.”

What’s his background?

Donnelly was born and raised in Johnson City and attended Science Hill High School and East Tennessee State University. He worked with publishers in New York City as a sales representative from 1967 to 1992 before moving to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with his wife.

In November of 2016, the couple’s home of 25 years was lost in the Gatlinburg wildfires. After six months of living in hotels and rentals, they decided to move to Kingsport, where they’ve lived ever since.

What about his other books?

Donnelly has written seven other books focusing on fictional private eye Donald Youngblood. Recognizable for their “Three D D” titles — “Three Divers Deep” and “Three Daggers Dripping,” for example — these books generally include two or three plots happening at one time, Donnelly said.

“I’ll have maybe a master plot and a subplot. This (‘Moving Target’) was originally supposed to be part of a ‘Three D D’ book, and as I got into it, (this plot) was just dominating the whole book. So I thought, ‘I’m going to spin this off and call it a Youngblood Story. That gives me a chance to maybe do some other shorter novels.”

What is “Moving Target” about?

At the behest of the president, Donald Youngblood, private investigator and FBI consultant, finds himself thrown into his most dangerous mission yet. Top secret, highly encrypted government files are missing, with information that could put American lives at risk and set the spy game back years.

The president, fearing a mole inside the White House, enlists outsider Youngblood to bring back the files before the encryption can be broken. Racing against the clock, Youngblood and his team chase the files halfway around the world, facing danger at every turn.

Where can it be purchased?

“Moving Target” was released at the end of October and is currently available at I Love Books in the Fort Henry Mall, along with two locations in Gatlinburg. The book will be available on Amazon after the first of the year, Donnelly said.

What’s next?

Donnelly is working on his ninth book, which will be his eighth full-length Donald Youngblood mystery. He’s also thinking of writing a Donald Youngblood Christmas story.

“I hope to keep the whole thing going as long as I can. … There have been a number of times when I’ve brought a book out and said, ‘I think I’m finished,’ and then two weeks later, I’m off and running on another book.”

For more information, visit www.donaldyoungbloodmysteries.com.