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Dr. Tapasi Saha uses passion for poetry to comfort others

Sunday Stories • May 10, 2020 at 3:30 PM

Intro by Suzi McKee

When Dr. Tapasi Saha is stressed from her work as a nephrologist or if she sees a need for compassion in those around her, she turns to her love of poetry to ease the burdens that she and others may be experiencing. Born in Bangladesh, a culture rich in fine arts, Dr. Saha has done stage performances of recitations since 2011. Her poetry has been published in her home country newspapers and was released in a CD format from Bangladesh a few years ago.

When one of her patients lost two children in a few months’ time span, Dr. Saha not only wrote poetry for the patient but also read her work to her. “She placed her hand on my head and said that was the best gift a grieving mother could ever have,” explained Dr. Saha. “If my poetry can make a difference in someone’s life, that gives me all the motivation that I need to create a special gift of poetry for my friends.”

Dr. Saha began writing poetry after her mother’s passing on March 23, 2012, and each year will write a poem on March 23 to honor her beloved mother. “This is a gift that I have been given so sharing it with people around me who need a word of encouragement is the way I can give back.” Dr. Saha continued, “Sometimes people are at a loss of words to use to comfort others, but poetry can achieve that level of compassion in just a few short verses.”

The poems featured in today’s edition of Sunday Stories were written for Dr. Saha’s mother and the mother of her dear friend and coworker, Markalene Earles. They are excellent examples of how Dr. Saha uses her pen to make the lives of those around her just a little more pleasant.

“Letter to My Mother”

Dedicated to Sriti Kona Chowdhury

Written by Tapasi Saha

Mother, I am writing this letter with enormous sadness in my heart,

The 23rd of March is a special day for me, but actually

This special day brings me mixed feelings.

Whenever I think about the fact that I can never see you again

My heart fills with a dark cloud, and breaks so that I can hardly breathe

Missing you, I feel drained and powerless all day long

Then I remember all the pain and sufferings you endured

Happiness fills my empty heart as I know that is gone for you

But to tell you the truth, I always carry you in my heart.

And I always feel your presence inside my soul

When I am sad, I feel that you’re patting on my back

When I am happy, you are my dancing heart

You were the most beautiful woman I have ever known.

Mother, you taught me how to love, how to care

I always think when I will be able to leave this thirsty world

And meet you in the beautiful garden of heaven where you’re currently residing

I am grateful to God that on the 23rd of March 2012 he relieved your sufferings

You always loved to sing, but after the stroke, you became nonverbal.

You always wanted to live your life with dignity

But you had to live a life for a few years that you never wanted.

I barely had any meaningful conversation with you after the stroke until you passed.

With the speech therapy, your speech was improved little bit.

You sang your last song, “Amar Bela Ja Jai” (my days are ending)

Mother, you had a great husband. Daddy loved you so much so much

In my eyes the best love scene on the earth

You are sitting in the wheelchair and Daddy is combing your hair.

It has been five years since you left us

But Mother it feels like I have not seen you in ages

Although I miss you a lot

But I do not want to shed lots of tears today

Because I know someday, we will be connected with soul again.

“Mother Oh Mother What a Treasure You Are”

Dedicated to Karen Vernae Fields, Mother of Markalene Earles

Written By Tapasi Saha

Mother oh Mother what a treasure you are

In your daughter’s hidden heart

I will cherish you till the end of my life

Thinking about you takes me far away from earth

Thinking about you makes me so peaceful and proud

Because I represent you mother

Mother oh Mother it’s my pleasure to describe my feelings

For you in alluring words

I have been trying to put my thoughts together

So that I can write for you the most magnificent poem

Of the whole sphere

You are such an extraordinary creation of great universe

I will be always longing for your touch

I will be always craving for your love

Nobody can take you away from the hidden garden

Of my heart because you’re unbelievably precious.

Whenever my hopes and dreams have shattered

You were always there with your outstretched arm

To hold me tight so that I can move forward

Whenever I’m scared, I want to hold you in my thoughts

Until my fear subsides because you are such a Power

So, one thing I have taken for granted in my life

Which is Mother’s love because I know I would never lose that.

Mother oh Mother I want to hold you in my memories till the end of time

As long as wind blows, as long as stars shine, you will be always mine.

Mother oh Mother what a treasure you are

You will live in my thoughts and dreams forever.


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